Low-Latency Algorithm for Multi-messenger Astrophysics (LLAMA)’s Documentation

LLAMA is a reliable and flexible multi-messenger astrophysics framework and search pipeline. It identifies astrophysical signals by combining observations from multiple types of astrophysical messengers and can either be run in online mode as a self-contained low-latency pipeline or in offline mode for post-hoc analyses. It was first used during Advanced LIGO’s second observing run (O2) for the joint online LIGO/Virgo/IceCube Gravitational Wave/High-Energy Neutrino (GWHEN) search (hence the historical name of gwhen for many of the modules).

LLAMA’s search alorithm has been upgraded to run during LIGO’s third observing run (O3).


Flowchart describing the significance calculation used in the O3 version of the pipeline.

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