llama files

Commands related to making LLAMA analysis files.

usage: llama files [-h] [{i3,skymap_info}] [subargs [subargs ...]]

Named Arguments

-h, --help
If a SUBCOMMAND is provided, run --help for that subcommand. If no SUBCOMMAND is provided, print this documentation and exit.

Default: False

subcommands (call one with ``–help`` for details on each)


Possible choices: i3, skymap_info

If a subcommand is provided, ALL remaining
arguments will be passed to that command and it will be called.
If SUBCOMMAND takes its own
positional arguments, provide them here. This includes sub-sub commands.

subcommand summaries (pick one, use --help for more info):
Command Line Interface for manually creating IceCube GFU neutrino lists (by pulling them from either archives or the GFU API) and returning the neutrino lists in the desired formats.
Manually create a ``skymap_info.